Vinyasa Flow

The word vinyasa can be translated as arranging something in a special way, which is exactly how I curate the classes you love! Linking asanas (poses) in sequences to maximise the benefits you feel in and out of the class.

Combining dynamic movement to heat and power the body, deep stretches to help lengthen your muscles and breath and mindfulness techniques to ensure you leave the class feeling centred and renewed for whatever life has to throw at you!

We work on your sun salutations and then I will add a little pizzazz to make every class fun and unique.

I’m here to guide you through the sequences, but you will always be your number 1 teacher, so trust what your body is telling you (please note I say body, not mind) and trust that your body is the real master here.


Yin, the opposing element to Yang.

There are several ways to describe the yin practice and you may find that one definition resonates more with you than another, so feel free to take what you need from this practice.

It is a practice where poses are held for a duration of a few minutes. Mostly, these are all low to the ground, so don’t worry thinking you’d be in a Warrior 2 for 5 minutes!

It is a passive hold, rather than a dynamic stretch, allowing gravity to pull you in to a deep stretch rather than forcing yourself there. However, do not confuse it for restorative yoga, you are still working towards an edge in the pose and it will feel intense.

It targets connective tissue fascia rather than the muscle tissue. Meaning that we are working on the tissue which holds the muscle together, think the skin holding the sausage meat in. Your muscle might not actually be as tight as you think it is, it may be the tight connective tissue keeping it from fully extending.

It is a practice which focuses on the breath, allowing the breath to move you deeper into the posture. By focusing on the breath, you give yourself space to not be thinking about those other thoughts whirring around your mind. Use the stillness of the body to help still the mind.

It accesses your meridians. Your meridians (of Chinese traditional medicine) can be related to the pathways of connective tissue running through the body. By unblocking these pathways, it allows any blockages of energy in these meridians to flow more easily.

Whichever description serves you best, ultimately, the yin practice allows for body to sit comfortably in meditation. The body becomes comfortable, the breath becomes steady, the mind becomes clear and the energy can pass through you.


Mama To Be

What an exciting new chapter in your life! Exciting, scary, unknown. However you feel right now, a consistent yoga practice throughout your pregnancy will certainly help. Whether you’ve never been to yoga before or if you’ve been practicing for a while, yoga specifically designed for the changing pregnant body offers so many benefits.

We work on strengthening muscles you’ll need as a new mama, strong arms and legs required for all the lifting, carrying and cuddling you’ll be doing.

We stretch and lengthen our changing body, releasing where you may start to hold muscular tension an softening to accommodate a growing bump.

Learn how to control the pelvic floor, for strength during pregnancy and release during birth. Understanding how to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor will also be beneficial to you post-natally.

Practice different breathing techniques, useful at various stages during pregnancy and birth. Breath work helps to keep the mind calm, focused and steady.

This class will offer you time to rest your body, finding calm in the hectic-ness that faces many modern women during this phase of life. Reducing the levels of cortisol in your body and enhancing the levels of oxytocin.

You can join us once you’ve had your 12 week scan.


Mama & Me

If becoming a new mum isn’t an opener for new everafters, then I really don’t know what is!

This class offers a chance for you, a new mum, to spend a little time each week to focus in on your own body, working out what you can do now your body has transformed and how to move and feel comfortable in your new mummy bod.

We will strengthen and tone, lengthen and relax, all whilst you tend to your baby and ensure they are always your number 1 priority. And never fear: all babies cry, so don’t worry!

You can join us from your 6 weeks post-partum check up, up until baby starts crawling.